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James Witkowski

Technical Project Manager

Web Application Design & Development | Mobile Apps

My Resume

James Witkowski

Technical Project Manager

Web Application Design & Development | Mobile Apps


Private Consulting

I specialize in technical project management. Moving to Boise in 2014 has provided many opportunities to work with local contacts on a variety of projects ranging from mobile to web to inbound marketing. My goal is to design and develop websites that are attractive, user friendly and rank highly in search. I do this in part by continuing to learn the latest trends in website and mobile development.

Fullstack Web Development

I have been working with Mac, Windows and many different types of software, hardware and coding languages over the years. Continuing education has always been important to me and this spring I became certified as a full-stack web developer. I am capable of performing tasks at any level of the stack I am working in, based on project specifications.

Project Management

Many successful years with a long-term employer gave me the chance to manage a wide range of ongoing technical projects. The successful completion of each one required continual updates to my technical education and awareness of new releases regarding; hardware, software, operating systems, coding languages, services, and frameworks.

Technical Project Management

My approach to technical project management is to never give up on a good idea or a team goal, and always search for the best solution to any problem, in a multitude of ways.


James Witkowski Github


HTML and CSS projects, some cool games and a few experiments.  Lots of Angular apps and intros to Node.js and what seem like never ending scripts and dependencies as the apps do more all the time.

Linked In

Learn more about my education, interests, what I am following and see details about my training and previous work experience.


My kids never thought I would do this. I am new to twitter but I am already interested in connecting with people in this channel.

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