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Fullstack Web Development

I have always been passionate about staying current in my career and this Spring I expanded my technical skill set further by achieving a Full Stack Developers Certification from Boise Code Works. From January to March we practiced building multiple applications and modules using a variety of current languages and frameworks.

Because I was interested in updating my professional qualifications I was looking for certification programs locally when I found Boise Code Works. Their program appealed to me as way to expand on my previous experience and also get up to date with the latest technology solutions available for my clients and projects.

I love coding and technology and am enjoying using the tools available online and collectively among the coding community. Technology is ever evolving and it is great to be aware of the best practices for Collaborative Agile Development, Modern Web Stacks, .NETCORE Object- Oriented Programming & Application Lifecycles.

Boise Code Works provides multi-week educational courses that teach the most in-demand tech skills. Our curriculum combines computer science, application development, and real world projects. We pride ourselves on teaching developers to think like engineers by instilling a strong working knowledge of programming and its methodologies.

Project Partner

Jake Overall

Boise Code Works

The full-time experience designed for students looking to build an impressive portfolio and gain or enhance the skills of a professional developer.