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Customized CRM/ERP System

Innovation combined with a technology merger resulted in the loss of support for the desktop software program we had been using for sales/shipping and contact forms. Because what we were using was an ASP/SQL driven web forms we began searching for alternatives that were fully web based.

In the beginning we found high-price options which were designed for larger businesses. We researched industry specific software and they too were more elaborate than what we required. The decision was made to utilize our current web forms and expand them into a full CRM/ERP software solution.

Seeing open-source web-development as an option we found a vendor on Elance and got to work on product requirements.  We selected IT Craft of the Ukraine to write the PHP and mySQL code.  They specialize in custom software solutions for businesses, including web and mobile applications.

In 2009 we wrote the Software Requirement Specification document. The SRS was amended throughout the development cycle and is 66 pages.  Initial launch was in Fall 2009.  We began 2 week sprints for 12 months to address glitches, new specs and introduce an optimized version for mobile use.

We built a custom CRM / ERP system with all the customer specs and we spent half of what some companies wanted us to pay for their out of the box product. We worked with them for 5 years on 3 iterations of this project and this application is now seven years old and still in use today.

We provide software programming services to over 30 active clients from 16 countries. Our services are scalable, so we can address the needs of businesses of all sizes. Companies ranging from innovative startups to well established companies with eight-digit revenue make use of our technical expertise. ~IT Craft

Project Partner

Helen Polonskaya & Serge Sharapavaloff
IT Craft, Bear Creek Lumber
Design & development of a CRM/ERP system that replaced paper & excel forms to create a paperless office.