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Forrest Insurance Group

Re-design of existing site with material design elements and modern frameworks. Utilized some existing content and create more. Incorporated stock images as well as custom graphics and icons to complement the clients color scheme and target market.

UX design, front end web design, graphics and layout. Optimized the code site wide to perform well for client in search and local online sites. Utilized existing site and content as a starting point and then applied a UX process to determine layout and interaction.

Incorporated various visual elements for intriguing effects based on target market and audience specific requirements. Creation of specific mobile friendly sections within pages. Free Consultations and other user specific calls to action.

Forrest Insurance Group operates in Tucson Arizona and provides free consultations for Medicare plans.

Project Partner

Carolyn Mote

Forrest Insurance Group

Re-Design of existing site and optimize for mobile and inbound marketing.

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