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SEM / SEO & Content Management

Building a website in 1996 allowed our company to utilize a new method of engaging with our customers. Our online presence was driven by myself and in house team of marketing and sales professionals who focused on the code of the website through the use of ALT tags, page and link titles as part of our overall digital marketing strategy. We worked together to determine the best words and phrases that we wanted people to think of and find our website if they searched.

One of our primary goals was to attract users organically – we were able to grow our online community without paying for ads. Search engines grew to really love our website because we were constantly updating it with quality content and useful data. We additionally made a point of building not only quality outbound links but we also worked with strategic partners to generate inbound links. Photography and ideas from our marketing strategies created unique content to share.

We worked with our customers and suppliers to promote each others brands and products via websites and print ad’s.  When social media came on the scene we saw an opportunity to generate more inbound traffic via these new channels. Once we had tuned up our T-1 data pipe and we could host our own web, mail and image libraries with on-site servers. This was an exciting way to share our digital assets and generate inbound and outbound partnerships with other clients, suppliers and brand evangelists.

We analyzed the code of the sites returning high in the rankings using the same keywords we liked and discovered commonalities and patterns in the links and tags of the pages. We noted the communication styles incorporated for the users as well. With this data analysis in hand we continually optimized our digital marketing and code writing strategies.

Motivated by Demming’s theory of continuous improvement, we started to use the keywords in all of our web pages and company literature and branding. We wanted to keep climbing the rankings and be the first commercial choice to see if you wanted to purchase our products.  Bear Creek Lumber has maintained a top-five ranking on search return for more than 15 years.

Valley between the small towns of Twisp and Winthrop, WA. We opened our doors at the original Bear Creek location in 1977 and have been delivering high value lumber materials ever since.  Our top offerings include Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Ponderosa Pine, Hemlock, Spruce, Ipe and Teak.  Along with our unique inventory we have an extensive mill network that allows us to source high value materials in various sizes, grades, quantities and lengths. ~BCL

Project Partner

Joe Hammer, Omaste Witkowski, Melissa Hughes

Bear Creek Lumber

Search engine optimization via redesigning existing code, UX/UI & content analysis.