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Web Forms, JavaScript, ASP.NET & SQL

As the business needs evolved we contracted with Soft Sphere Consulting to provide coding support and learning. As the business grew and we continued to innovate our technologies, the decision was made to migrate from excel forms to a desktop form software solution that would work within a in house network and internet environment. We were moving into a world of 24 hour commerce and communication.

More people were consistently finding us online and we knew we needed to continually connect to them on the same platform.  It was time to roll our sales and communications process into a web browser and collaborate with our customers in this environment. We were tasked with making a big leap forward for our company and the first time creating a custom software solutions for business.

We incorporated Javascript, ASP.NET and SQL into our HTML / CSS pages. These forms showed all the resources, forms, contacts, calendars and order status as live, up to date, and correct. JavaScript in the pages allowed for some sorts and queries. Our customer data was managed through shared databases and web forms. We stored the data on-site and had to be our own ASP.Net and SQL server admin.

Though the majority of our business is within the United States and Canada, we do have the ability to export lumber packages to jobsites worldwide.  When shipping out our lumber we use tried and true methods to package and secure lumber units so that your materials arrive on site in the same shape they left our facility.

Project Partner

Guy Selzler, Omaste Witkowski, Joe Hammer, Melissa Hughes

Softsphere Consulting & Bear Creek Lumber

Desktop software forms integration with Javascript, ASP.NET and SQL database.

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